Dailey tables and Zoso chairs image

Minimalism and Creativity

Uncluttered spaces free your mind for new ideas

Proof 60 inch table and Roqa seating image

New 60" Proof Table

Available this Fall

Midtown table and Imme seating image

Enable Interaction

Create agile spaces to support individual preferences.

Makau and Saddle with Midtown Table

Versatile Seating

Available Now!

Express Yourself outdoor seating image

Make a Statement Outside or In

Fluid style, versatile function.

Voodoo Table with Roqa seating using Knoll Textiles upholstery

New Upholstery Options

Your options have increased with Knoll Textiles


For over 30 years we've been driven to provide furniture that supports the ever-changing needs of our customers. High-quality, beautifully designed products inspire and support living and working spaces, no matter where they are found.

Design + Functionality

How do you choose between design that draws you in and functionality that makes you stay?
With KFI Studios you don't have to.

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